miami beach beauties

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new york: leather and denim

football confessions

i have a confession to make. i'm a football fan. not all the time, though. only every 4 years, during the world championship. then i suddenly become a beer-drinking, bet-making, loud-shouting fan obsessed with every goal the german team makes. during that time i am not much short of getting a german flag tatooed on my forehead and giving high fives to everyone in my building and at the local supermarket whenever germany has a game coming up.

so it's only natural that i have already cancelled all plans between june 11 and july 11, when the games are on in south africa. if you're rooting for the german team, like me, you can show your support by going to der-vierte-stern-fuer-deutschland.de, an iniative by championship sponsor Mercedes. this is the place to meet other fans, win stuff or even become fan of the day. The 4th star for Germany (as seen on the photo below) symbolizes the 4th football championship win for Germany. It's not won just yte, but it doesn't hurt to believe in it. To read more about this action, check out this article on brash.

high fives for germany to win the world cup!


more nyc

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new york: windy city


new york: denim love

new york: city boy

i just arrived in new york and will be here for the next 10 days before heading down to miami, new orleans, austin, las vegas and san francisco. let's see what they wear across the pond, shall we?


berlin: smart urban stage

A you've probably noticed, there has been an impossibly large and scary number of natural desastres lately all over the globe, going hand in hand with talks of global warming and the general danger our planet is in. While I am by no means a great activist for nature , i do welcome new technologies that are envorinmentally friendly and help supporting the planet's natural balance.
Therefore I was happy to be invited to check out the Smart Urban Stage, a tent that was built especially to accompany the launch of the new Smart with an electronic engine. While the tent features events during a course of 6 weeks, last night it held a concert by the Sonar Collective Orchestra. And the new Smart has just been added to my wish-list for Christmas.