i'm almost out the door and on my way to amsterdam where i'll be holding a presentation tonight at 7 about my blog, my work and how the one is directly linked to the other.

if you're in amsterdam and are interested in learning how a blog can become your ticket to a promising career, check out the facebook event.

Streetlab_ and Premsela present: Masters of Amateurism
at: Streetlab Projectspace (meneer de wit) Postjesweg 2 Amsterdam - 7 to 10pm


  1. can one hear/see/read the presentation somewhere on the net any time soon?

  2. amsterdam how i wish i can be there

  3. oh amsterdam how i wish to be in you.

  4. i am too very interested in reading/seeing or hearing the presentation on the net.
    Have a great time in Italy (and take lovely pictures for us to see- and then be jealous because we did not get to go to Italy this year!!)