In August last year I launched a new online project called which was meant to inform, advise and, most of all, inspire young women with all things traveling. I've assembled a group of cool ladies from around the world who all have been or currently are traveling foreign countries to write down, photograph or videotape their journeys for the rest of us to enjoy.

Travelettes is a labor of love so everyone who is a part of it, is unpaid and purely in it for the fun. If you think this is a cool project and would like to get involved as an author, online marketer, PR aid, admin or web maintenance person then email

Check out travelettes and get cooking tips from Anna-Zoe, see Nina's gorgeous photos from Spain or have a look at the statistical evaluation of our travel-survey.

When I went to Athens last month I might not have taken any photos for glamcanyon, I did however do little bits of filming the nightlife there and wrapped it all into a video for

This is: One night in Athens

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