The Travel Pros on Travelettes TV

hey everyone

as you've probably noticed, I've been getting more and more into film lately. I do anything from documenting parties, shooting music videos, little street fashion clips and now - a real life, online tv show. totally home-grown and from the heart. it's for my other website TRAVELETTES and it's called "The Travel Pro's". Together with my fellow travelette Anna-Zoe Schmidt, we act, direct, produce and do our own camera. And like that wasn't enough we also "write" the story line as we go, for better street cred (watch out, before you know it i will be calling you my homies).

here's the first teaser to "The Travel Pro's" to launch on on April 5th.


  1. looks fun! can't wait to see the whole thing!!!!

  2. How about the great Amazona? :-)