Boss Orange wants your design!

about 3 weeks ago i mentioned to you that BOSS ORANGE is inviting everyone to design a t-shirt inspired by a parrot and over 600 designs have already been handed in. Boss Orange's creative director Eyan Allen will choose the best design which will then be produced as a special edition as part of the new collection. sweet, ey? if my design skills were any better than they are i'd actually be tempted to do a bit of drawing and feathering myself, but for those of you who are skilled in the field - definitely give it a go! my favorite so far by the way, is the top left one with the bright colors. i would wear that any day.

for more info and to send in a design visit the Boss Orange Facebook page and become a fan if you think it's cool that Boss Orange is giving young designers a chance to promote their work.

good luck to all designers!

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  1. I'm doing Fashion Design so this is a great oppertunity for me to be in the idustry. I have entered my designs called "wings of change" & "Summer Silhouette". If you like them then please vote for them at:

    Thank you