on the radio

tune in tonight at 10pm on Motor FM to listen to "Off the record", a fab radio show hosted by my friend and dj buddy liz. liz invited me to talk about what i'm up to these days and i was allowed to pick the songs she played on the show!

if you're in germany and proud owner of a radio you can tune in on 100.6
for everyone else i recommend the online livestream which u can access by going on or simply by clicking HERE

i picked songs from the pixies, violent femmes, marina and the diamonds and joy division among others and there is talk about boobs and other important subjects.


  1. ... nice show, especially because you played Add It Up from Violent Femmes. Like this song, now I know it's from Violent Femmes, aha ;-)
    Like your blog, too, though: haven't found any boobs...
    Enjoy the full moon,
    Sir Charles

  2. dear charles

    i apologize that your quest for boobs was dissapointed. you can find a few here:
    or u can google nerve date katja hentschel which will take you to the dates i shot for

    happy boob watch

  3. ... I actually wasn't sure if the boobs comments weren't a joke I didn't get, ok now I see the bare truth before me!
    *slightly embaressed*