27 Dec 2009

NYE at .HBC - teaser no. 5

dec 31st 2009 berlin's .HBC invites you all to a big costume party with various rooms, various artists and various things that you just don't expect.

dresscode: kings and queens

glamcanyon will be hosting the pink room and oh! oh! it's prom night! for highschool sweethearts, loners, nerds, goths, cheerleaders, popular girls, popular boys, prom kings and prom queens.

in this video:
POSH! the Prince

music: 'marina gasolina' by bonde do role

directed by katja hentschel


  1. sounds great...by invitation only?

  2. does it start on the 31st or on 1st january?

  3. accessoire für die party: http://de.dawanda.com/product/7177558-Kronenhaarspange

  4. dear julie - it's open for everyone, u can buy tickets for 12 euros a pop at HBC betw. 11am and 6pm tomorrow and thursday.

    dear anonymous - its on new years eve and starts at 11.30pm

    cato - wonderful!!!

  5. What type of camera did you shoot that video on? It looks wonderful...

  6. thanks amanda. it was shot on a canon 5d.