berlin: hbc reopening

last night my favorite club of all time - berlin's HBC - has finally, after a 6-month break, reopened its doors to hipsters, freaks, artstars, sluts and everyone else and it was a massive party that will now repeat itself every week.
i'm posting the photos from last night in 2 sets because this one right here was shot with my new camera and the look is slightly different to what you're used to from me.
feel free to comment on whether u prefer these to the other set i shot with my old camera.


  1. Ich mag die neuen Fotos. Jedoch fehtl mir zu den Fotos mit der anderen Kamera die intensität der Bilder. Weiss gar nicht wie man das richtig ausdrücken kann. Aber bei den anderen hatte ich als Bilder anschauer mehr das Gefühl im Bild zu sein und konnte den Moment gut nach voll ziehen.

  2. seh keine großen unterschiede. sind beide male geblitze bilder die am rechner auf quadrat geschnitten werden.

  3. Ich denke auch, du solltest bei der alten Kamera bleiben,
    die Bilder strahlen mehr Wärme aus und sind irgendwie einfach DEINE fotos, typisch halt.
    Bleib dabei,
    btw trotzdem wunderbare fotos!!!! as usual.

  4. i hate to say it but i prefer your old camera, too. call me old-fashioned but i like the style you established and sadly those new pics don't do you any justice. still looks like one hell of a party.

  5. I'd definitely have to say I like the shots you get with your old camera, they have more of a raw feel to them.

  6. Seems like everywhere you go, the beautiful people follow!

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  7. your old camera captures the warmer colours of the clubs better, something i like. the new camera captures the cooler colours--both have their merits, but i have to say i prefer the oranges and yellows of your old camera!

  8. I seem to be one of the few people here who really, really likes the new blueishness.

  9. I'm kind of with everyone about being more fond of the punchy colors of your old camera but if you shoot in RAW that could easily be fixed with a little color temperature adjustments.
    The style is still the same which I'm glad because I love the way you capture parties.