berlin: making the band

ah let's try something new, shall we? how about, instead of going to parties and checking out people's clothes on the street we go to a concert and live life in the spirit of rocknroll? i spent most of my teenaged youth singing in a band and even though we totally sucked (naturally) it was a really good time. i miss it. so i'm making a shout out: if you
a) are in berlin
b) play an instrument that is relevant to a rock band
c) are good enough at it to come up with great songs while only rehearsing very sporadically
d) are ready to ROCK (and i dont mean hipsterish indie slow-rock)
d) and are down for forming a band with someone who is as fickle, obnoxious and difficult as i am (really a success recipe for the singer of a rock band) then get in touch.

ps: cheers to absolut vodka for giving me free tickets to see wolfmother in concert (yeah!)


  1. haha ich war bis vor Kurzem auch in einer Band, die hat sich nur aufgelöst, weil wir alle keine Zeit mehr hatten...

  2. Ich biete E-Bass, Saxophon oder Gitarre – VOX-Verstärker steht bereit. Singen geht auch ganz gut. Kontakt über Facebook! :)

  3. haha, punkt d) und vorallem das eingeklammerte erscheint mir dieser tage äußerst wichtig!

  4. Hello love--
    If you are looking for rock'n'roll I suggest The Virgins and The So So Glos (from Brooklyn) touring at Maria in Berlin on 11 Nov, I suspect they'll have a stylish draw and the Glos are bloody fun folks & their music is very energetic so you might like.