travelettes - backpacking in heels

i've always been a huge fan of globe-trotting. i can think of no better way to spend time then by traveling the world with a backpack as my only home. unlike many others i never got sucked into this whole backpacker thing of wearing flip flops and thai wrap pants, and could spend a whole year cruising through places like india, bolivia or the amazon rain forest with 5 pairs of high heels in my backpack.

i recently have booked myself onto a new adventure trip to india along with journalist and good friend caroline. we hope to live many exiting things to tell you about and we'll do so on my new website called (due to launch in a week), a travel blog/network written by girls on the road.
by this we hope to inspire other females to follow our example and take on the challenge of conquering the world.

if you or someone you know is currently backpacking or planning to go backpacking for a minimum period of 4 weeks in any given part of the world and if that person is female/a creative writer/a decent photographer pass her on! we're always on the lookout for talented contributors.

i'm also looking for an illustrator and an administrator to help out with this project. if you live in berlin, that's great but if you don't we might still be able to collaborate.

please get in touch if you think you're interested in becoming a part of this project. email me at

we look forward to hearing from you.


  1. This is wonderful!

    I am a young woman who is planning on backpacking through Europe, as well as volunteering in Africa, for at least 4 months next year.

    I look forward to getting tips and reading about your adventures on your blog!

  2. woooooow I totally liked your idea. And beside i like to think of myself as a decent photographer ( never as good as u are, but im in process) aaand apart of these points, I live in that place you call South America, being specific, Venezuela. So if u are still reading this, what i wanted to say is i´d be so glad of being a collaborator in this amazing project.
    (U can evaluate my photos here:

    And well, thats all. It would make me so happy to read your answer! anyway this project just got me.

  3. This sounds so exciting, I can't wait to hear all about your adventures! Wish I was off to somewhere exotic that I could tell you about!


  4. this is such an amazing project!
    ever planning to pass by La Dolce Vita City? aka Rome, aka Home!
    im gonna be here and love to take u around, heels and backpacks.

    keep in touch!!