berlin: the mystery shirt

i can't seem to figure out how this is put on. also: noticed a lot of 'blue' on this blog? is it just my taste or is it really everywhere? think i might wear my blue dress today. once i get out of my blue pj's.


  1. hmm hmm hmm
    mysterious indeed
    blue is upcoming, yes, the colour of summer
    lighter shades of blue will follow next summer
    horst has spoken

  2. pretty sure that's Prada from a couple of seasons ago... it buttons up the back. I need this piece hard.

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  4. that was my first thought too, should be a zipper (well more likely its buttons) on the back, maybe hidden under a second layer like the zipper on a jeans. didnt you tell him to turn around once? :)
    and: summerblue is always good.

  5. Hahah, blue is a refreshing color indeed.

  6. I love this shirt, I wish I had a BF solely just to dress him up! I love mens wear!

  7. Prada !!!! I love that shirt, I was looking for very hard .....
    But that the first time I see it on a men, I think was a women collection but look great on men too.

    Love your blog
    (sorry for my english)
    Love love from france

  8. Yeah, I also wonder how he did put it on. Anyway I love the hue of it, makes me think of the beach. Prada, is it? Maybe it's from other designer's design. Are the pants rolled up or cut out? It's nice, and the loose belt make it more stylish.