london: the time-traveller

did you like this guy? then this one will probably suit your fancy as well. this whole back-in-the-days thing seems to be a whole new trend which was strongly picked up by ann demeulemeester in her fall/winter 2009/2010 collection for both men and women.


  1. ach ach
    ich brauch dich als männerradar
    reiß mir doch mal was nettes auf
    dunkelhaarig, 3tagebart, stilsicher,
    innere werte erstmal vernachlässigen,
    ich bitte um einsendungen!

  2. just fantastic may I have his e-mail... *-P

  3. y'all - this is not a dating website.

  4. I just would like to make a survey on the new style....

  5. Nice idea but awfully executed - the fit of the jumper is horrid and those trousers make him look like a frumpy woman. I can't even imagine what he would have looked like trying to squeeze his huge jumper into that little denim jacket he's holding. Not cool.

  6. not awfully executed at all!
    lovely contrast between the structured bottoms with boots and the big knit jumper, sort of urban meets country. very cool!