hey berlin, let's do something!

i'm super stoked to be back in berlin and i'm pumped with energy to do a whole lot of stuff!

if you have an interesting project and are looking for collaborators or if you simply wanna work out something totally new, get in touch. i have tons of ideas (not all of them legal though).

this is an open call. email me at and show me what you got.

here's some of the people i'm looking to work with: DJs, gallerists, promoters, models, hipsters, performers, weirdos, smart people, graphic designers, interns, massage therapists, writers, students, stylists, bartenders, painters, photographers, door whores, creatives, cleaners, artists, hairdressers, landlords, pimps, musicians and of course sugar daddies.

ps: am also available for photo assignments (parties, portraits, editorials). -->