paris fashion week: at Ann Demeulemeester

yesterday Ann Demeulemeester presented her inspired women's pret-a-porter collection which was in line with the men's show i saw in january. edwardian style jackets and boots were presented by bony/ sad looking models with feathers in their hair. like modern-day cinderellas the girls strode down the runway to slightly depressing but very appropriate music.

modeling in this show was the young gentleman below - Axel Miraton - who some of you may remember from this popular post. Axel has been doing several shows in both london and paris and if you look closely you can spot him in a number of my runway photos from both fashion weeks.


  1. I like it... But a tad depressing how bony and bored the models look. They just don't look comfortable. Though maybe that's how the monochrome seriousness is supposed to make you act. No fun to be had in this era of doom and gloom... ;-D

    great post.


  2. wow!

    die beiden sollten heiraten und noch schönere kinder in die welt setzen.
    die haare, sowohl die langen blonden, als auch seine stürmischen braunen wunderschönen haare.

  3. ^^^krass, was ist das denn für ein blog???

    Aber nun zu Demeulemeester. DU GLÜCKLICHE!!!! Das nächste mal bin ich wieder dabei!

  4. Yes, it's very sad that the models look so sad and malnourished. I heard, though, that Sonia & Nathalie Rykiel's models came out spinning and talking to the audience. I think it's great that they added some color through personality to the Paris fashion show! Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures!

  5. haha its eddie (from sweden) on the second photo! beauty

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