ch ch ch changes and a party. duh.

say hello to glamcanyon's new header and slightly improved layout. glamcanyon just partnered up with the GLAM network (very appropriate, isn't it?) which means i'll now have pretty ads flickering on the blog. it also means that i will be able to travel/shop/party more and work less. aaah. along with glam i've been buddying up with lots of other great magazines and websites. While I regularly contribute street fashion to, i shoot arty nudes for the very awesome although i'm lazy at it, i've also been doing freelance editing for and most recently i've been busy at keeping the new Vice Fashion Blog up to date. (click on the glamcanyon tag to see all posts i wrote.)

speaking of which.... with London Fashion Week around the corner i could not resist of course to host yet another fabulous GLAMCANYON party! this will be a very special party with amazing dj's fame fame fame from berlin, Todd Hart from legendary blog Dalstonoxfamshop and of course our delightful ladies from Sexus, Nexus & Complexus. more dj's will be announced soon. Our gogo's - the Panther Girls - will wow with a never before seen performance.

i am giving away 2 times 2 guest-list spots for those who want to come. leave a comment on why you must be on the list. for those who are not in london, heads up, at least you get to check out
the photos afterwards.


  1. Hey Kat! I want to come because you took pictures of me making out with someone at the last party and I want to expose myself for art one more time.

  2. adam that's an excellent reason to put you on. god knows we always have an overload of girls at glamcanyon parties, too hot to remain unkissed. need ur full name though.

  3. Hey kat, I have an excellent razzle dazzle dress in emerald green that needs an outing and would fiercely represent the Glamcanyon corner...

    Lou Liddiard-Smith

  4. the redesign has made it so there's nothing but the subject showing up in feeds. was that on purpose? i miss glamcanyon on google reader. :(

  5. oh sorry matt, i think it's fixed now. thanks for letting me know.

  6. it's all fixed! thanks for all the lovely photos! they make my day (apart from the 'wow i wish i looked like that guy' jealousy bit. heh.).

  7. Dear Kat,

    I need a spot on the guest list because I need a good excuse to wear face paint out at night! Also me and my plus one always look pretty hot and reall majestic, and such things really deserve to be photo documented on glamcanyon.


  8. Kat,

    I deserve a spot on the guest list because I'll rep glamcanyon style hard. I'll be the knight in excessivly shiny armour. Battling down the beautiful and damned while blazing the trail to party destiny. Such opportunities demand nothing less than a hero and disappointment is a poison I won't offer.

    Nic Brindle

  9. Hi Kat,

    I deserve a spot on the list because I've never rocked a Glamcanyon party before.
    And I need an excuse to wear my as yet unworn high waisted sequin shorts!

    Natalie Binns