calling all designers (or: how to match your drink with your dress)

dear darlings, as i know a few of your are very creative heads i thought you might want to know about this year's ACCESSORIZE - an online-competition in which designers are invited to create and enter a cocktail dress design or, just as fab, a cocktail recipe. each can be inspired by the other, so you might ask yourself what a white russian would look like as a dress? or a moscow mule? or a cosmo? personally i'm a vodka martini kinda gal - would that make my dress see-through? (oh that katja-shameless!)
go to here or to for more inspiration and details. finalists from 15 countries will be chosen before the winner will get the opportunity to show at copenhagen fashion week!

and now get designing! (and not too drunk ;)


  1. i wonder which ingredients would best make "a glamcanyon"?

  2. it would definitely be a loooooooooong-drink ;)