boys at fashion week

thank god fashion week is over, i will do my best to recover fully until march 4th, when paris fashion week starts. i'll leave you with these 3 nice boys who are all totally different from one another but were in one way or another involved with LFW. sorry i didn't photograph more girls. i guess i didnt feel like there was much there worth documenting.


  1. the second boy looks like a bully in a 90's movie...I love it...actually I love all 3! good work!

  2. i like them all in their own unique way/manner. but my fave would be the first picture. 2nd place would go to the last picture.

    but i'm much more into the "proper" than the "trshy" look.

    and i agree w/ u - looking at boys is much more interesting than girls. :)

  3. dangggg... the second one is quite the stud. is there gonna be another glamcanyon in berlin sometime soon?

  4. ey frau hentschel, das dorf ist zwar nicht so glamourös wie london und berlin, aber vielleicht verschlägt es dich ja trotzdem irgendwann mal hierhin. i would love it.

  5. i say, thank you for not posting just pretty pictures of pretty girls! boys are, for me anyways, often more creative and inspirering.