thierry mugler show PFW f/w 09/10 - OMFG!

today at noon i went to see the show of thierry mugler. despite appearances i dont know much about fashion and designers so nothing could prepare me for the blow that was this show. as the first man rushed down the runway wearing an ultra slick suit, walking stick and a black eye-patch my breath stocked and i remained short of it for the next 10 minutes. i have never witnessed any such concentrated load of manliness and sex appeal. every outfit was a character. a strong, confident alpha male with impeccable style. when the show was over i cheered louder than an entire backstreet boys fanclub. the beyond gifted rosemary rodriguez, who art directed this collection, has pretty much taken a hollywood-like ideal of the male and given him new clothes. i can only encourage all men to take inspiration from this. if it was up to me, all dudes would run around like this.
below some front-row snaps of my favorite outfits.