GLAMCANYON - the next PARTY is on!

aaahhh, here we go. after a seemingly endless wait i'm thrilled to announce the next GLAMCANYON PARTY to happen in LONDON at The Last Days Of Decadence on Tuesday, JAN 20th! this party will be even sexier than the last with our 60's gogos back for your viewing pleasure and our favorite sexus, nexus and complexus dj ladies to really get your groove on with the best in mainstream pop and hip hop! also just confirmed has Raven Smith who recently published "Club Kids", the new bible to london's nightlife's who's who.
and just like last time there are plenty of chances to get down and dirty in the make-out room or the stripping pole that is gracing our dance floor.

dress code is all you can glam.

for £3 guest-list send names to and don't forget to join our glamcanyon facebook group to always be up to date with all events.

ps: save the date for all berliners: there will be a Glamcanyon party in Berlin co-hosted by Qvest magazine on thursday, January 29th (first day of fashion week) at VILLA. more updates on this one following.


  1. ich wäre so gerne dabei... -.-

  2. Ich wäre so gern dabei auch!
    ; )

    I'd come immediatly if I could!
    Congrats for everything, I really admire what you do.
    There'll be an 'appealtotheeye' party here in Barcelona as well, you're invited ; )


  3. today i bought the dress i'm going to wear next tuesday that is essentially flashing my entire left boob.