gareth pugh after show party

so last night gareth pugh impressed as usual when presenting his first men's collection in paris. although on my to do list to sneak into that show i fell to pieces on the sofa before so i missed out. however i did get my shit together to attend the after party at le baron which was pretty great, to say the least.
today i got back to berlin where fashion week is about to start on thursday. thursday is also the day of the Glamcanyon & Qvest party. no invitation is needed so please come over if you're in town. details here.


  1. i love your party pictures. they make me wish i would have been there... usually party-pics are boring poser-shots, but yours are freaky, funky hot stuff.

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  3. i would so love to come to your party in berlin. leider zwingt mich die arbeit im dorf zu bleiben, weswegen ich glaube ich demnächst einfach mal einen london trip starte.