matter (or: what clubbing will look like in the future)

last night i did things i don't normally do. i left shoreditch (in itself a rarety) to go down south to a new club called Matter where hercules and love affair from new york were playing that night. once in it feels a bit like the matrix. everything is high-tech, the air-con is pumping and absolutely everything is clean. that said, for photos it's great, so i got a bit experimental. unfortunately no ladies lying on the bar were allowed so i couldn't go totally crazy with photo shoots. clean fun only.


lynx vs vice

i think at the moment a lot of brands, labels and magazines are throwing parties, i guess it's a christmas thing. i will not sniff at anything that has a) an open bar and b) a goody bag so i'm happy to take it all in and run from one thing to the next. in yesterday's case i went from a very mediocre iwontsaywhose party to a pretty decent one at the shoreditch studios organized by lynx (a very nice smelling deodorant for men) and vice. music great, people great, drinks not so great (i mean, ginger beer? come on!). anyway, we had a good time and by the end there were satisfactory amounts of boob-grabbing and nipple-showing, so i was happy.