viceland and i

for the past few weeks i've been working with vice taking pictures of parties for their photo blog. very soon a new love child will be born from my relationship with vice but i can't tell you what it is just yet. ....it's unexpected...it's unusual...it's pink.....it's really really good...and....ok, fine, it's not pink but it's definitely worth watching out for. i will let you know when we go into labor.


  1. for their do's and dont's ? i always wondered how you approach people for that. are you telling them they will be in the magazine?

  2. nop, actually it's faaaar better, me thinks. i've been asked to do do's and don'ts but so far none have been published. i wouldn't dream of telling someone i'm shooting them for vice. BUT i only shoot people i consider do's. so there u have it.