Glamcanyon - the party is on tonight!

hey y'all! tonight is party time!!!! you can tell from my retarded exclamation marks that i am psyched about tonight's party. it'll be AWESOME!

guest-list is now closed but if you show up early (we open doors at 10) you should be able to get in without any problems.

i look forward to seeing everyone down there! oh and come and say hi if you're a regular reader of this blog or just really really like the incredible dress i'll be wearing :)

to hint at the fabulousness of this night i shall let you have a peak as to who you can expect to see there...

our dj's Elizafoxxx from berlin as well as the luscious ladies from Sexus Nexus and Complexus

our a la carte door bitches Tiffany and Susie G.

and some guaranteed guests/familar faces of this blog...

getting giddy?

ps: Britney is coming!!!!


  1. have fun!!! und natürlich viel erfolg :)

  2. Have fun tonight! If we lived in London, you know we'd be there, hanging off the ceiling!


  3. I love your blog but won't be living in London until next year. You MUST have another party because it expect its going to be fabulous and I want to go!

  4. it was amazing
    hot boys and girls
    dressed up to nines

    fun music
    and the hostess with the mostest

  5. somebody has to do an art school project or thesis on the development of Britney into an icon. It's a process totally unique to our time and has to mean something important.