and the price for best dressed male goes to....

so for the past 2 months or so i've been meaning to introduce you to my lovely sponsor a fine tooth whose ad you may have noticed in my side bar. to do that properly, i was hoping to run into a guy on the street that would wear the type of clothes a fine tooth are selling. tailored pants, maybe a vest and a hat. did i find one? no. bummer! bummer because this has got to be my favorite look for a guy. to show you what i mean i've searched my archives and found this hottie:

now if i had anything to say i'd order all men to wear tailored pants all the time. and shirts with vests. the gentlemen at a fine tooth can do them for you wherever you are and i suggest you go here now and get a pair (special discount code: GlamCan088). oh and boys, once you do - call me ;)


  1. You can't even begin to imagine how much I am swooning in front of my macbook right now. I think I might abandon my family and run away with the hotness monster on that chair. x

  2. i love A Fine Tooth.
    I actually know the guy that started it, and one of the models or two... he lives in my city.