prada yey, kitsune ney

last night was the long announced kitsune party where the french label teamed up with some of london's best DJ's/club nights/acts to provide for a good time make a lot of money. i won't go into detail but one had to pull some serious strings to avoid paying 17 POUNDS to get in. once inside you were in for extreme heat and humidity and £5 cans of beer. luckily the ponystep room didn't let us down and we were in for the usual good music and dance fun.

before the kitsune thing we went to Prada Double Club (open bar, baby!) which we should have never left. here's some of the photos i took there:

in the cab on the way to the kitsune party (we were so naive....)

at HEAVEN, where the kitsune thing happened (i could only photograph one of the 5 different rooms since humidity was so extreme my camera wouldn't work. awesome venue choice, kitsune, seriously. who doesn't love rubbing up to sweaty t-shirts all night)

and here's a little summary on my opinion of kitsune's PR (hi gareth) and door policy:


  1. your friend's nude & black dress is stunning!

  2. your party critique is cracking me up!!

  3. my god, totally agree about kitsune party, it was a generally horrific experience all round, the ponystep room made up for it a bit, but why the hell was it so bloody cold in there and suptropical everywhere else? obscene.

  4. Love your photographs! do you mind me asking what camera and portrait lens you use?

  5. What a night!!
    Love your pictures. I’m from Sweden and moving to London in January. I’m a party freak and I looking forward to make some rock’n roll on the dance floor! ;)

  6. Ha brilliant! Totally agree, it was so hot I had trouble standing without sweating, let alone something like uh moving around.

    Ponystep room was quite super though, and had a touch a much needed air con

  7. i always see the beautiful asian girl with the bob when i'm on the bus.

    great photos. shame about the rubbish kitsune party.

  8. the asian girl with the afro hair in the first view pics just rocks!! very inspiring and is your blog btw !