the fabulous world of Emma Bell

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels are almost definitely among Emma Bell's favorite things as the colorful London-based designer spoiled her guests last night with a wonderland of pink cupcakes, popcorn, balloons, cotton candy, hot dogs, face paint, hair-styling and pink bubbly all while providing entertainment from Scottee, Jodie Harsh and lots of other wondersome creatures... Emma Bell, as of now, has made it to number 1 on my "people I definitely want to come to my birthday party" list.

click on the photo to see large!


  1. oooh yes, i wanna join that list too!!! i love, love, love her... all those colours, fun and folderol. great pics!

  2. i just love the boys (and their glittery tattoos). XO

  3. Golly Gosh that was an AWESOME night, with all that candy floss, cupcakes, jelly beans and Lambrini I was convinced I'd leave minus my teeth, instead I left minus my sobriety...

    You can see me kneeling down with my retro leggings on in the group shot watching the fabulous Scottee...