street fashion blogger gals

funny funny funny when 2 out of 5 girls i photographed in 5 days happen to be fellow street fashion bloggers! i swear they both were selected perfectly randomly and i knew of neither who there were before i popped the question if i could take their photo. looking at those two i have to say i'm in excellent company.

this is the lovely Saga from who just moved to london for a degree in fashion photography. kind of an ideal subject for her since she obviously understands a lot about fashion and, take my word for it, photography.

another shining star on the street fashion blogging sky is Lotta here from she's no longer an active blogger for her new jobs is taking up the better part of her time and motivation.


  1. I LOVE the first girl.

  2. the first girl is so charming!
    very brave mix of vintage feminine dress and males shoes.

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