faction - a group of people connected by a shared belief or opinion within a larger group

last night i finally got to check out faction at visions (in dalston), a night i'd heard a lot of good things about and never had time to go to. yesterday that changed and what can i say - it's all true. faction is officially my new favorite night in london. if you want rockstars, fashion folk, arty tpes - this is the place. some amazing new bands play here like last night's Zombie Zombie (Herman Dune member Neman's new project) and Factory Floor who drew audiences including members of the teenagers, the horrors and htrk. the dj's were fabulous, providing for some good ol' shake-a-leg and everyone had an excellent time of unpretentious fun.

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  1. best party pictures i've seen in a while. lovely!

  2. oh wow sweet! sounds like the perfect party!
    I so have to go there when I'll be in London again!

  3. hey what kind of camera?

  4. I miss my mustache :'(