the secret of wearing black

the color black has always been a fashion mystery to me. just when i thought i've officially ruled it out of my personal book of DO'S i find the cutest black dress and suddenly it's my new favorite color. maybe the question is less whether to wear black or not, it's more about how you wear it and what you combine it with.
i love a black skirt or a blouse but only in combination with something red, white or brown. it's not an easy task to dress in all black and get away with it. below are 3 of my friends who pull it off. what we can learn from them are the following rules:
a) mix texture. suede, cotton, leather, sequence, lace - all in one outfit
b) make up. an all black outfit risks to be overlooked by the club-paparazzi so u want those dramatic black eye-brows and the dark lipstick.
c) wear it with confidence. just when you thought you could blend in with the masses and hide behind your all black outfit - think again! be outrageous, theatrical, extravagant.
the most avant-garde of colours needs an avant-garde fashionista to pull it off.


  1. i just stumbled upon your gem of a blog and was compelled to tell you i loved it.

    Ching Ching.x

  2. doing laundry never looked chicer