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coming back to berlin always feels like having your grandma make you hot chicken soup and providing you with all the dvd's you've ever wanted to watch. what i'm saying is, after the bust of london, paris or new york, berlin always makes me want to settle down and relax, meet a nice man and have kids and a dog. everyone here is just so laid-back and cool - a great place to meet some of the best people you'll ever meet.
i decided to give you a bit of insight into my circle of bff's. yesterday we met for a drink at 8mm, decidedly my favorite bar in this town and in my top 3 worldwide.

this is michael. he is 26 and from new york. after having lived in berlin on and off for almost 5 years and working primarily as a journalist, he now lives back in nyc where he's currently starting a business importing healthy german bread into unhealthy america. michael is super smart, super well organised and, well, super.

liz is 25 and "the cutest person in the world". she's one of the best dj's ever (you heard it here first) and will make your legs swing and your heart beat. she's adorable at not sticking to diet plans and is a mean karaoke partner.

drea is 28 and amazing. if i were a guy i'd ask her to marry me, because this girl can cook, blog and dance, which i still believe are the three most essential qualities a woman can have. she's a package of smartness and goodness and patience (all things one needs when puttin up with me.)

katja is 27 and an incessant source of inspiration to me. luckily she likes getting her picture taken so i can hassle her with my requests for poses and positions as much as i want. katja smokes too much, complains too much and has no clue how to spend money but she means well and is an overall lovely person.

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