the man-dress

Momo, 22 - singer, producer, dancer, icon
tonight i met with my berlin-buddy Momo for a drink at the old shoreditch station and imagine my surprise when i saw him wear the exact same fur coat i have too! luckily for both of us i didnt wear it tonight but still funny enough. we stated further similarities when we realized we owned the same camera and we both drank red wine all night. oh yeah - we both wore skirts, too. to be fair, his wasnt actually a skirt as you can see, rather a dress. a man dress so to speak. i highly encourage men of all shapes and sizes to try the same. so next time you want to impress your date, let them know that you're perfectly comfortable with showing your female side and wear a lovely dress!


  1. I think he pulls it off. I've seen a lot of guys wearing dresses, almost always layered beneath either a vest, a coat, or jacket of some sort and always on top of jeans or leggings.

    It's an avant garde look to be sure, but one certainly worthy of replication by other men.

    What do your other female friends (the hot one in Berlin) think of such a look?

  2. which hot one in berlin? theres a few of us. haha!

  3. Am I supposed to be the hot friend of Katja? I guess so. And if not who cares? Well, I think
    that this layered look is kind of out
    these days and even if you are gay but not a transvestit you shouldn´t wear skirts but depends
    how you show off with your style.
    Maybe it´s avantgarde. He is in the 70´s and plays with velvet underground. But what I really don´t like as a vegetarian is his fur coat!

  4. this coming from someone who owns more pairs of leather shoes than there are stars in the sky.

  5. But I have to tell: leather is a different thing cause there are always people eating lot´s of meat!

  6. true. but i think this is rabbit fur. my granny makes rabbit for christmas. i prefer turkey though.

  7. I always thought Katja was attractive. See you at London Fashion Week.