my new photo blog

as i've mentioned before my interest in photography extend far beyond parties and street fashion. i first got into the whole thing i only shot portraits. i would grab a sexy friend, dressed them in my clothes and told them to act like kate moss. over the 4 years i've been taking picture i've accumulated a lot of sets from different people. to share those pictures i created a new blog called here you can not only see a selection of picture from the different people but also read how i met them and what connects me to them.
check it out by clicking here.


  1. so... u r not longer take street style pics? im sad, im new at ur blog and i love it...

  2. oh no! of course glamcanyon will continue. this is just something else i do so not all my other portraits go unseen :)

    i'm quite busy with school and different things but glamcanyon will go on and feture style from london and elsewhere whenever i can get my eye on someone fashionably worthy.

    keep checking in,

  3. I've been there and I really like your style.

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