Soho knows best

Nicole, 30 - Soho
I was and still am completely fascinated with this girl. she's a writer and likes to wear "rotten vintage". she says the way she dresses accounts for the 200 years of her life that are not otherwise accounted for. wow.

Maria, 29 - Soho
No wonder this Irish expat works as a sales director in fashion, because her style is individual, yet classic and beautiful all at once. The dress was made for her especially by her friend and designer Miné as well as the belt. shoes are Prada and the bag is by Lanvin. she says she likes to buy fewer clothes these days and materials that are organic and environmental friendly.

Michelle, 39 - Soho
After model Eric (see post Happy Pride!) i here found a lovely female version of the city indian look. Simple shirt by H&M combined with a few selfmade necklaces and a bag by Target. Michelle was born in New York but lives in LA.

Asmeret, 30 - Soho
she works in fashion production and is actually swedish. the H&M jacket looks great on her as well as her funny fabulous glasses and the Why Red jeans.

Ellen, 24 - Soho
Ellen is Asmeret's friend and both were in such a hurry that the interview part was almost done while running down the street and gettin into a cab. we did manage to make them look relaxed for the pictures. Ellen's dress is vintage, the bags off a flea market and the shoes she got in Sweden.


  1. 1. interesting thought process behind her way of dressing. I think it works well on her.
    2. very pretty dress
    3. cool

  2. I think Nicole looks amazing. More, more!

  3. go for nicole. I think she's more than just a look. if you pick up this one for the street fashion contest you'll definitely bring something deeper.
    but maybe I'm being too romantic.. ;)
    Cécile xxxxxx (who misses you!)