the last days of downtown culture

girl with the longest most complicated name ever - subway at Union Square
hello dear, if you see this please tell me your name again, i lost the note where i wrote it down. missie here was very charming and hepburnish in her vintage dress and hat. she was just on the way to the MOMA when i found her. she likes things that are falling apart and gets inspiration from Annie Hall and her best friend.

Carlee, 21 - Welcome to the Johnsons (LES)
Lovely Carlee is in NY on business from LA and when she walked into the bar i immediately asked her to follow me into the ladies' room to take some pictures of her in that fabulous vintage dress. her shoes are by Guess. fashion is a way for Carlee to take on different caracters and as a cover that helps guarding the mystery she carries inside.

Jennifer, 21 - Happy Ending (LES)
Jenn is entirely covered in Salvation Army (YES!) and would someday like to be a famous celebrity stylist. her advice: wear what makes you feel awesome!

Bonnie & Clyde - Happy Ending
they're my buddies and stopped in for a mugshot and to rob some people. we later spent all the money they stole that night and spent it on drinks and strippers.

Chase, 26 - Happy Ending
now this girl had some interesting answers to my boring questions. she says when deciding on an outfit she usually follows visions of what she'll look like that night. her visions are then being confirmed by the reactions of gay boys (who call her "the mother"). Dress and belt are DKNY vintage, shoes are Topshop.

Christina and Feng-Feng - Happy Ending
you've already seen Feng-Feng in last week's Happy Ending post from which we know that she likes to make her own outfit every tuesday for the Six Six Sick party she, Christina and Tiffany organize. this weeks theme was death, mainly inspired by and designed around those gloves. death because "downtown culture is dying". gosh. again this week the ladies claim, that making the outfit took no longer than an hour. to be continued.

Louis, 21 - Happy Ending
he was wasting away in a corner until he revived to new spirits in front of my camera. Louis studies graphic design and interns at Surface magazine. his shirt is by Sass&Hide, shorts are H&M. Louis is into wearing sequence and says he likes to step over the line between masculin and feminin clothing.

Serichai, 22 - Happy Ending
i met the one man in america who studies women's studies. a year ago Serichai's sister passed away and in a way, he says, he's still in mourning which is why he never wears anything but black, white and grey. he had some deeper insight into fashion and what it represents: "what people see is just the surface and that's all they care to understand. it's entertaining to me that they judge me for what they see but don't actually know me". cutting down on judgement sounds nice. luckily here at glamcanyon we care about the person in the clothes. APPLAUSE!

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  1. 4.Like Bonnie’s dress.
    7. Like the sequins suspenders(?) And silver kicks
    8. Utterly fantastic. Beautiful waist coat, and I love the black laces on the white shoes.