happy ending!

Feng-Feng, 26
Feng-Feng is one of the 3 organizers of Six Six Sick, happening a Happy Ending every tuesday. and OMG, i could hardly believe when she told me she made this outfit in less then an hour right before going out. she does this every tuesday, i'm excited to see what she'll wear next week.

Bunny, 19
he's a fashion stylist, hardly surprising, because this male looks perfectly dressed from head to toe and he knows how to party so excuse his sweaty American Apparel shirt. Shoes are Trashy Vaudeville, pants are Cheap Mondays, necklace is from Tiffany's. as far as his own style is concerned he gets most of his inspiration from characters in comics. cool.

Cameron, 27
his outfit may be simple but i like the belly-showing shirt (cool if your belly is worth showing). both pants and shirt are by "About Glamour", the shoes he got at Beacon's Closet. he says his fashion always reflects his current mood, if he feels confident he'll wear a tight black shirt, if he feels "breezy" he may go for a wide blouse. Cam works as a chef for private clients.

Philip, 22
phil is our new homeboy. we met him in front of Happy Ending and noted his impaccable style. also a photographer we ended up hanging out the rest of the evening. his cool sparkling shoes are from a place called Noone in London, the curderoys are by April 77, shirt and bow-tie are vintage, the jacket is by Alexander McQueen and the hat is from an "old man's hat store". when asked what his style has in common with his personality he said it was hard to place.

Bear, 24
(S)he's a rapstar and was constantly singing a song that went "you're looking good today.." the top is by Bernard, jeans are vintage and shoes are Miguel Adrover. when it comes to fashion Bear says "It's all about leaving the house feeling fabulous". Amen.

Katja, 26
my awesome and gorgeous friend from Berlin just got into town and is still working out a culture shock. however nothing can stop her from looking great, so great in fact that she'll be "fashionable friend of the month", a feature on this blog that will soon see the light of day for the first time. her skirt is vintage from a store in kreuzberg, the shirt is H&M and the purse she got off a flea market in prenzlauer berg.

Don Pablo, 21
first of all - what an awesome name to go with such awesome style. don pablo is a comic book artist and got his outfit off of fleamarkets and ex-girlfriends. his style he describes as orgasmic, kind of like his personality. i asked how he intends to celebrate july 4th, he responded - naked.


  1. 2. Some how he makes a sweaty shirt look like an intentional design. Now that’s what I call a stylist!

    3. yeah, I’m jealous. gosh! And his shoes are cool too…whatever….

    4. You really can’t go wrong here.

    6. A beautiful Courtney Love. She is working the peach/nude colors

    7. Don Pablo, I think he could be wearing a potato sack, and just the fact that his name is “Don Pablo” it would unquestionably cool.

  2. you're simply the best

    better than all the rest

    better than anyone