berlin fashion week, my SONY tablet and i

yesterday was the first day of fashion week (always the best day in my opinion: people still have energy, put effort into their outfits and are exited to the whole of the daily marathon) and for me it started hungover (thanks for that dandy diary) and early (8am - yikes!). however, with the sun shining and a large coffee to go this was not much of an issue and i was happy to dive head first into fashion week madness.

as i announced yesterday i am testdriving the SONY XPERIA Z tablet and smartphone this fashion week which was incredibly handy to have with me (bliss - no heavy laptop needed!) so all the photos in this post were taken with my new Xperia Z tablet.


my first assignment of the day was to follow around devyn, a model from new york who had won the model casting show "the face", as she did a fitting at designer guido maria kretzschmar. she is only 21, mother of a charming little 2-year old and full of ambition! i would love to see her go far, she really is a gorgeous model. with her i then went to check out the lena hoschek runway show. for those who haven't come across lena's designs - she specializes in a fabullous and very feminine retro aesthetic, often 50s inspired. loved her show! more on that one later.

finally i spent the rest of the day shooting streetstyles for grazia and this blog, some of which you will certainly see popping up on here over the course of the coming weeks!

i am typing this as i sit on the tram over to the tent as day 2 of fashion week is already here! love being so mobile with a tablet computer! stay tuned for more to come.

*made with my SONY