sounds great - the Sennheiser Momentum headphones

if i am perfectly honest i would have to admit that i've never thought about spending more than €30 on a pair of headphones because great sound simply didn't seem like a priority to me. but when i was asked to testdrive the Sennheiser Momentum headphones, a very sophisticated way to listen to music, i thought that that would be a good opportunity to see hear what the fuzz was all about.

they arrived through the mail in a fancy box, which along with their sleek design gave quite the allure of high quality, an allure that wasn't just superficial as i was soon to find out. right away i plugged in my iphone, picked a song and let the magic unfold. it really is quite an extraordinary experience to listen to music through these. i suppose it can be described like getting a full body massage by 50 hands while being blindfolded. it's like a close-up high definition photo for your ears.

and it works with your outfit! i would have been concerned that big headphones like that might take away from your look, but they really only add to it. they make you look like someone who really appreciates music enough to invest in a proper pair of headphones AND they keep your ears nice and warm in winter.

whenever you're having a rough day all you need to zone out for a few minutes is to put these on and close your eyes. it's an excellent investment that will keep you happy for a long time, just in case you're still looking for something to spend your christmas cash on. bring on the new year and make it sound awesome!

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