mercedes-benz fashion week berlin - press brunch with mario testino and joan smalls

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is back in town and i am on my toes to run from A to B in order to catch the latest street styles, watch a few shows and attend all the fashion breakfasts, BBQs, picknicks and parties i can fit into my already full calender. today i got to start my day at a press brunch at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin tent, surrounded by - you guessed it - press, a few croissants and some very special guests.

the occasion for the brunch was so that journalists and a few select bloggers could meet with photographer extraordinaire Mario Testino and super model Joan Smalls who together have realised key visuals as well as the image film for this season's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. maybe you remember last summer when Terry Richardson and Jessica Stam were responsable for the same task and while i'm a big fan of Terry's, i think that Mario did a finer job this year. well, i'll let you decide for yourself:

i know Mario Testino from living in London and seeing him around parties on occasion and he seems like a pretty happy guy, never shy of a smile. definitely one of the most likable photographers around.

Joan Smalls is radiant and actually looks like she should be a singer! of course the girl is super versatile, otherwise she wouldn't be a top model. i almost didn't recognize her after seeing the punky version of her in the video. in real life there is something very warm and soulful about her, don't you think?

also at the brunch was my all time favorite model Lily Cole looking radiant in her green dress and romantic blonde curls. go Lily!

it was a breakfast for it-girls because i spotted another one without even knowing who she was: Jessica Joffe is a german-born actress and writer from new york, like i found out later. there is this great aura about her, the kind of girl who walks in the room and everyone wonders who she is. 

finally, i loved this girl for her awesome mouth-earrings. not sure who she is, but she sure has good taste in jewellery. (click on the image to see a larger version of the photo)

(update: i was informed that the stylish young lady is Claire from C'est Clairette)

day 2 of another great Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is almost over and while i look forward to what the next will bring, why don't you have a browse through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website for more info on the brunch, the campaign and all the shows.

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