berlin fashion week: michalsky's stylenite

this year was my first to attend Michalsky's Stylenite, an institution at berlin fashion week and often referred to as fashion week's most exclusive party, something i finally wanted to judge for myself. Stylenite is essentially a fashion show within a party with exclusive musical performances (this year with newcomers BlitzKids), endless flowing drinks, berliner tv and music celebs and a few top models - not the shabbiest way to spend the evening.

i walked in with most of my expections centering on the notorious goody bags and so i was all the more surprised to actually witness a decent runway show with a few surprise moments like an 8-months pregnant model (reaping cheers from the crowd) as well as some seriously glamorous dresses i would wear in a heartbeat.

so far so good. the party started off a bit ultra slow but i stuck around convinced that it would get better. it would have to if everyone always talks about it, right? in the meantime i tried every cocktail on the menu (unfortunately there was only one, so that didn't help), said hi to people i knew and quizzed other fashion bloggers about the hype made around stylenite - with no satisfactory results.


alas, i took a few snaps of the prettiest girls at the party, drank enough gin&tonics to last me for the month and eventually cycled home in the rain at 2am. without goody bag of course, they had run out by the time i left. classic.