battle of the hoods

every now and then i get emails from readers asking me about berlin's top hotspots. if you've been asking yourself the same question then this is for you.
in conjunction with Swatch the guys over at Stylemag.net have followed (f)it girl, MTV hostess, DJane and overall wonder child Palina Rojinsky around her neighborhood of Kreuzberg, editing everything together in a short and funky video. that shows off where best to shop clothes, sip lattes, buy records and eat chicken.

if you like the video, give it your vote as it is part of a competition between a number of other cool international magazines like Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Kinki, Milk, WAD or i-D, each representing an intersting personality showing off their hood.

and you can win, too! you and 3 friends get to attend an exclusive party and private view at the winning publication's venue. runners up can win a series of watches from the new swatch collection.

to watch and vote for the video click here.

good luck!

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