glamour, beauties, beasts

there's a lot of talk always about fashion. this is supposed to be a fashion blog, i'm a fashion blogger and so on. however, when it comes down to it i really don't think this blog is about fashion as much as style! style is a lot more independant of opinions than fashion is. it's not up to everyone else but only to you. what you consider "fashionable" is your style. period.

style is also what 8x4 are after in their current campaign. to be precise - they want YOUR style. 8x4 invites you to submit your style story in line with one of the three new Live Your Style deodorants Glam, Beauty and Beast.

let your creativity run free and assemble whatever you think style means to you. could be a piece of furniture, could be a food - you decide.

to take part, simply submit your style story on the 8x4 facebook page and win a chance to have your style story featured on TV by VIVA. you're also in for a chance to win one of several gift certificates in the value of up to €500 to spend at frontline shop.

good luck!

*post sponsored by 8x4