what meets the eyewear

when i was 15, i had to wear glasses. i wasn't entirely opposed to the idea as it was only for 6 months and glasses were just in the process of establishing itself as an it-item, unrivalled by most other accessories. it was purely a matter of finding the right pair that would provide me with a sexy librarian look or something along those lines. in the end i opted for a pair with small oval glasses and a thin black frame. they worked well with my face and i got a lot of compliments. so far so good. the difference between wearing glasses as a fashion statement and wearing them because you can't tell a dog from a cat without them is that in the second case, you need to worry about more than just a cute pair of frames.

during my short-lived career as a wearer of glasses, i remember feeling constantly annoyed with the limited view resulting from the frames. as a photographer i add a mental frame around the images that i see, however they don't come with brown or black metal wrapped around. living with glasses was similar in a way where i was constantly reminded that i was wearing glasses because i could never quite ignore the black frame i was seeing through.

when Silhouette, a label from austria, that's famous for their frameless glasses, recently asked me to write a product review about their new line, i remembered that history i have with frames and it seemed like a good thing to spend some time thinking about glasses again. Silhouette used to focus on mainly classic designs (somehow i cannot shake the image of my attractive former dentist who was sporting a pair of these) but has now launched a new collection named Chrystals with a somewhat more glamourous edge.

a guilty pleasure but pretty fun is their virtual mirror, letting you upload a photo of yourself to try on all the different models from the new collection. i love this sort of stuff:

kind of works, doesn't it? i like that spark of added sophistication. the day i'll have to start wearing glasses again, i'll definately know where to look.

my design favorites and many more can be found on the Silhouette website. in the pictures i'm wearing the models sun sparkling icon (upper left), titan minimal art (upper right), sparkling icon (lower right), and spx art (lower left).

i recommend checking out the video Silhouette made, for more inspiration how to wear those glasses.

*Silhouette powered Product Review