hotels in berlin: casa camper

i often get emails people asking me about good restaurants, bars and hotels in berlin, probably down to the fact that i live here and run a travel blog. so when i was recently asked to write a review about a relatively new boutique hotel in berlin called Casa Camper (from the same guys who run the popular shoe label), i thought i'd share with you my story with this down to earth, yet upscale place.

my first contact with them was last year, when a travel magazine i work for, asked me to photograph the concierge of Casa Camper. the friendly management was nice enough to give me a little tour around the place, showing me the rooms, explaining stuff about the concept and raving about the beds (i'm a sucker for nice hotel beds - they have those magical mattrasses that knock me out and let me wake up feeling like i've just undergone a week at a spa).

while the beds, the particular lighting and the comfy interior of bordeaux reds and wood paneling give the rooms a relaxing feel, the other speciality about this hotel, is the fact that on the top floor (where huge windows ensure an amazing view on berlin) you can find not only an arrey of ridiculously comfortable chairs....

...but also a great 24h free buffet as well as the very fantastic, so-called honesty bar. now, the honesty bar, i love. it's full of different alcohols and stuff to mix cocktails with, but instead of a bartender taking your cash, there is simply a box to drop some money in, whatever you feel is the right amount. a few of my friends who stayed at Casa Camper during berlin fashion week have told me stories that all seemed to start there....

when you're not eating, drinking or sleeping, you can leave the hotel (on foot or with one of the rental bikes provided by the hotel) and find yourself in the very middle of berlin, a neighborhood with the appropriate name Mitte. here, you'll find yourself surrounded by a ton of shops, restaurants , bars and a lot of good-looking people. actually, chances you'll even see me are not too bad, as this is where i shoot a lot of the people you find on this blog.

i actually had a look at tripadvisor, which rates this place as one of the best of over 600 hotels in berlin with over 96% of reviews being positive. definately one of the better options when coming to hang out in berlin for a few days.

ps: they have a super fancy restaurant here, too, the only place where i've ever had a 16-course meal (finishing every single one).