berlin: designers wanted!

I's always been important to me to push young artists and designers to make their way and nowadays a little help doesn't hurt to make it in the fashion industry.

This time around, Nokia wants to support young designers by inviting them to submit 4 outfits which are to be shot by the very talented Yves Borgwardt as part of the new Nokia C7 campaign.

If you're a designer and think a collaboration with an internationally outstanding brand such as Nokia can add to your portfolio, then submit your designs or a link with your website to
along with a few words on who you are. Feel free to model your own clothes, or ask your friends to model for you. This is a rare opportunity to promote yourself and your designs to the world, so get in there, guys! The possibilities for collaborating with NOKIA go well beyond the above and are really up to you and what you make of it.

This call is especially directed to designers in Berlin, but those of you in Munich and Düsseldorf will also get their chance.

The Berlin exhibition will happen from 20.1.-22.1.2011 at the Appel Design Gallery (Torstraße 114, 10119 Berlin).

Get on board and we might see each other on the 20th.

(even more details can be found here)