a thing for hats

a bit like these two ladies i met during berlin fashion week, i have a thing for hats. i have a whole collection of them and every country i travel to, i buy at least one hat. my current favorites are a vintage sailor hat from a store in new orleans, an opening ceremony straw hat i found on sale in new york for less than 10% of the original price and a black cabbie hat from a carnival store. because as i say: hat wearers have more fun...

and of course i could not resist buying one of those panama hats during my recent trip to italy, even though i fear wearing one while there is pretty much an instant give away of the fact you're a tourist:

if you like hats as much as i do, but maybe dont have time to go around and pick out the best ones, a good alternative is to buy them online. a decent choice here is (yey for free delivery). you might have to do some looking around but they hold a few real gems.