31 Mar 2010

Boss Orange wants your design!

about 3 weeks ago i mentioned to you that BOSS ORANGE is inviting everyone to design a t-shirt inspired by a parrot and over 600 designs have already been handed in. Boss Orange's creative director Eyan Allen will choose the best design which will then be produced as a special edition as part of the new collection. sweet, ey? if my design skills were any better than they are i'd actually be tempted to do a bit of drawing and feathering myself, but for those of you who are skilled in the field - definitely give it a go! my favorite so far by the way, is the top left one with the bright colors. i would wear that any day.

for more info and to send in a design visit the Boss Orange Facebook page and become a fan if you think it's cool that Boss Orange is giving young designers a chance to promote their work.

good luck to all designers!

30 Mar 2010

PRINZ editorial

last month i went to london to shoot an editorial for german lifestyle magazine PRINZ. the story was "a night out in london". for those who cannot get their hands on the latest issue of PRINZ, i've posted a few outtakes below.

to see more of my work visit www.katjahentschel.com

29 Mar 2010

28 Mar 2010

berlin: laura

27 Mar 2010

berlin: happy feet

26 Mar 2010

berlin: spring romance

julana wears shorts and glasses from topshop and a vintage bag and sweater. shoes are from k&s.

berlin: mirapodo launch at the amano hotel